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  • Horse Creek Jewelry is Open for Custom Orders Right Now

    Horse Creek Jewelry is Open for Custom Orders Right Now

    Folks, Christmas is just around the corner...when you're a maker it feels like this and the last thing I hate to say is "no" to a sweet customer. So if your thinking of having something especially made for that special someone...the time is now!  Please contact me and I will be glad to see if I can whip something up for you!  A lot of my items on Instagram can be remade with another gemstone not exact maybe just ask!

    With that being said, I also want to thank you for supporting the dreams of small tiny business owners who try to keep handmade truly handmade. I know that we are not really "cheap" per say.  It's true, but when you spend your dollars you are supporting the small "guy"...and helping people to survive and live a life of love and goodness so that all of this amazing love and energy passes on in our communities into other businesses and our children. If you think about it.. ...wouldn't it be wonderful if we could support a world where people can do what they love and make a living? I know it's a far out thought.. but it doesn't hurt to try...yes!  Because I know that happy people create a much more happier world...and it all begins somewhere.

    Sooooo, thank you kindly for considering my efforts and love for your special gift. I am forever grateful for you! Thank you for your business support.  For it is you who changes the world!